HECONOMICS™ Is Knocking on Your Door!

Clarified +
Visualized = HECONOMICS

HECONOMICS is educational reverse mortgage software designed to allow consumers to explore how this loan works and how it could work for their unique situation. Our goal is to make FHA's reverse mortgage more accessible to the general public.

We've leveraged our decades of software engineering experience to take the 'rocket science' out of reverse mortgages!

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Traditional Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) and HECM-for-Purchase (H4P) Web Applications, designed specifically for older homeowners, yet powerful enough for professionals. With our animation and graphics, users can learn what a reverse mortgage is and see how it works. Our "explore" feature enables users to customize and review various draw strategies as never before!


For the first time, you can see how HECM releases more loan funds and retains funds needed for financing the interest charges. This means that there's an opportunity to receive more loan funds overall.

This is the sleeping giant of the HECM Program.


Something BIG is Knocking on HECM's Door!

For the first time, HECONOMICS allows everyone to truly assess a reverse mortgage, effortlessly!

Our Vision: Education & Conversation.

Our vision is to spread information about one of the most complex loan products and to achieve this with software - we started by listening to older homeowners and reverse mortgage critics to capture feedback and suggestions. We created awesome reverse mortgage web applications by applying our years of design and development experience.

It Takes A Village

The reverse mortgage community of professionals consists of housing counselors, financial planners, elder law attorneys, loan servicers, and lenders. Everyone should possess some valid understanding of this home loan product. More than ever, professionals need tools to help explain how a reverse mortgage loan works - visually!


Cool Tools

Our FHA Reverse Mortgage HECONOMICS are tablet-friendly web apps using contrasting colors, context-sensitive informational messages, and interactive graphics to help older homeowners visualize FHA's Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) program features and benefits.

Reverse Mortgage HECONOMICS

Traditional & Purchase HECM Web Apps

Life Of Loan

Analysis & Planning Tool

Self-Financing Loan

Borrow Funds While Financing their Interest Charges